Office 365 Treats

Office 365 (Office 2016): What’s in it for you?

  • A cloud called OneDrive, that allows you to create or edit documents no matter what device you are on. I own a Windows 10 PC, MacBook Air, and an iPhone. I can edit the same Office 365 document on all of these. Cell phone mode makes your document easier to read on the smaller smartphone screen.
  • Teams can collaborate on documents since they are on the OneDrive cloud.
  • Spell Check in Word: When you right-click (or command click on a Mac) on a red underlined word, you get a list of definitions of the different words being suggested.
  • Excel has a Tables feature that allow you to uniquely name each table (formerly called lists) within your document. Formulas are easier to create because you can refer to a table and field (column of the table). When you create a formula, Excel will prompt you, by showing you a list of Table names.
  • In Tables you can also turn a totals row off and in. Add new information to a row at the bottom of a  table and then turn the total row below that on. (You can still insert a new row anywhere in your table).
  • If you add a new column to a table, for example with the column header named cost and then enter your formula in the cell below that (price x quantity), Excel will flash fill that formula all the way down to the last row in your table.
  • Excel has some great new charts
  • PivotCharts have filters built right into the chart.
  • Slicers are a new way of filtering Pivot Table data by using floating palettes of the choice(s) for filtering. With a quarters slicer you could click on Fourth Quarter to see only that data.

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