Look into Microsoft Word’s deep brown eyes

I was writing a scene in Word describing a cup of coffee and noticed that the words “dark brown” had a dotted underline. When right-clicking on “dark brown” there were suggested alternative choices of:

  1. Deep brown
  2. Mahogany
  3. Chestnut brown

This happened because Word now checks for vague adjectives and clichés as part of the Grammar options. As a review, here are the non-printing marks Word will put under your text as default editing suggestions:

  1. Spelling – red squiggly
  2. Grammar – double blue
  3. Vocabulary choice – dotted chestnut-brown

To change Grammar options right-click on text underlined with dots, and choose Options for Vocabulary Choice. Alternatively,  choose File>Options>Proofing, then in the Grammar section, click the Settings button. (p.s. I have Office 365 – Word 2016 version 1706, the latest update.)

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